Child Abuse In The Lowcountry

01 Jul Child Abuse In The Lowcountry

Last year the South Carolina Department of Social Services opened 1318 investigations from 1700 intakes in Charleston County and 770 investigations from 1677 intakes in Berkeley County. Source: CAPSS data-effective 20130123.

In 2012 The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center saw 1,351 children and their families where there was a concern about abuse with 76% of these coming from Charleston County and 13% from Berkeley County. Source: The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center

Child abuse is a grim reality, both here in our state and even closer to home. It is well documented that children who have been maltreated are more likely to experience adverse outcomes throughout their life span as adult survivors in a number of areas including poor physical health poor emotional and mental health, social difficulties, cognitive dysfunction, high-risk health behaviors, and behavioral problems.

It is because of these sad realities that the Waggoner Law Firm is proud to serve as Presenting Sponsor of the 21st Annual Isle of Palms Connector Run and Walk for the Child – brought to you throughout the years through the joint efforts of the Mount Pleasant and Isle of Palms Exchange Clubs, and with the cooperation of the Town of Mount Pleasant and the City of the Isle of Palms.

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