The Fine Print Behind Home Security

01 Oct The Fine Print Behind Home Security

For those of you have, or have considered having, a monitored home security system, you may be interested to hear of a man whose house burned down without his service knowing about it until he informed them by phone, after a two week hospitalization for smoke inhalation.

And even with knowledge that he is in temporary quarters, while his home is being rebuilt from the ground up, and even with awareness that their system failed to alert him, or anyone else, when the garage and then the rest of the home caught fire, the company continues to send invoices and, more recently, threaten him by phone.

Of course his contract burned up, and the company failed to provide a copy when his lawyer asked for it; but the sample contract, which can be found on its website, makes clear that no matter how convincing its advertisements, if its equipment or service should fail, and you should suffer a loss of property, or personal injuries, or any other damage because of that failure, you have virtually no rights at all. It is probably the best and boldest example of “fine print” I have ever seen. We will have to wait and see how effective it is.

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