Areas of Practice

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Civil Litigation: The Waggoner Law Firm’s primary emphasis is on Civil Litigation, and the representation of individuals who have disputes with, or claims against, other individuals, businesses or insurance companies. Most of those cases involve serious personal injury or death, such as the types of cases listed below.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

including collisions involving trucks, cars, motorcycles and bicycles
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Premises Liability

robberies, kidnapping, murder and rape in mall parking lots; robbery, assault and shooting of hotel guests; assaults on customers by store employees; theft by home health agency employees
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Liquor Liability

serious injury or death caused by tavern owners who serve drivers who are too young or already intoxicated
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Intentional Injury

assault and battery; sexual assault at the workplace; defamation of character; false reporting of child abuse; malicious prosecution; intentional infliction of emotional distress; false imprisonment
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Medical Malpractice

sub-standard practice by physicians , surgeons, nurses, technicians, or other health care providers, which causes illness, injury or death to the patient, medication mistakes, equipment malfunctions, procedural violations, retained foreign objects, acquired infections, wrong-site surgery, missed  x-rays, confused specimen samples, which lead to illness, injury or death to the patient.
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