Dram Shop

Liquor or Dram Shop liability is an area of the law that includes the liability of bars, tavern owners, liquor stores, and any other establishment which sells alcohol. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, our courts protect your rights not just against the driver, but potentially also against the establishment which over-served the driver.

Many times, the bars which violate the state’s liquor laws by selling to underage or obviously intoxicated customers, don’t have the right insurance to cover claims.  Furthermore, the owner of the bar may not be an individual but a corporation, which has no assets with which to pay claims when someone is injured or killed because the law was broken.  This is a complex legal situation which most lawyers are not comfortable with and avoid, but the Waggoner Law Firm is not your average law firm.

In protecting the claims of a young woman who was permanently brain damaged by a drunk driver who couldn’t even remember leaving the bar that had been serving him, The Waggoner Law Firm not only got a $1.5 Million judgment against the corporation, but then, with help from two other law firms, pinned the judgment on the wealthy individual who owned the corporation and ultimately paid for the permanent disability his illegal practices had caused.

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