Civil Litigation: Intentional Injury

Intentional Injury and Torts

Intentional torts are committed on purpose and result in injury. They include assault and battery, rape, defamation, burglary, and malicious prosecution. It is the role of the criminal justice system to punish individuals for their crimes. Unfortunately, a successful criminal prosecution is becoming rarer and victims often feel that their rights have been violated by a light sentence, a dismissed case, or no criminal liability at all.  This is where the civil court system permits attorneys to pursue claims for victims who deserve and need help to put their lives back together again.

The Waggoner Law Firm has helped numerous clients with various types of intentional injuries, many of which did not lead to criminal prosecution, including a woman who was brutally beaten and kidnapped, a woman who was falsely accused of shoplifting and arrested, and two tourists who were robbed and viciously attacked in their hotel room.

If the criminal justice system fails you or a family member, let the Waggoner Law Firm consider whether you may be able to take advantage of the laws which permit recovery in a civil court.

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