Failure to Diagnose

Whenever a patient presents himself to a physician, it is important that the doctor work toward an accurate diagnosis. If a doctor misses this critical first step in the process,  the complications for the patient can be horrible. Unfortunately, on occasion, a doctor will fail to properly or thoroughly examine a patient, or neglect to ask the right questions, or conduct the appropriate tests. 

While there may be many factors that contribute to a misdiagnosis, if it results from carelessness, in the eyes of the law, it is inexcusable.

When a particular illness is in the news, H1N1 (otherwise known as the swine flu) for example, doctors may have this disease at the front of their mind. When a patient presents to an emergency room with symptoms that match this disease, a physician may ignore or downplay other significant signs or symptoms.

Unfortunately, some bad habits of patients, such as smoking, or overeating, may lead a physician to assume that the patient’s symptoms are the patient’s fault, rather than a disease or virus or other serious but unrelated condition.

The rule of hammers says that when the only tool you have is a hammer, all of your problems appear to be nails. But what happens when a problem is not a nail, but a screw? This thought process sometimes contributes to a missed diagnosis case. When a doctor is trained in one speciality, he or she may look first to those organs and systems involved in that specialty.  For example, a cardiologist may ignore or downplay the obvious signs and symptoms of a metabolic disorder, like  hyperthyroidism, because those symptoms can also suggest heart disease.

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