Delayed Diagnosis

When a patient experiences a medical problem, whether from disease or injury, it is important that it be understood and appropriately treated as soon as possible. Some illnesses can progress very quickly, and the patient’s condition may worsen  if their physician has not undertaken the accepted treatment in a timely fashion. Once the condition is known, it is the duty of medical personnel to provide their patients with the care they need in a timely, efficient manner.

Delays in diagnosis can have serious consequences. A patient who complains of  cold or flu like symptoms, for example, but who is actually suffering from pneumonia, may have a much longer stay in a hospital, with very high medical bills, if his doctor does not administer proper tests. A patient who has a perforated colon, or other type of injury after surgery which could lead to infection, may die or suffer severe consequences if the physician delays in considering and understanding the problem.

There are many factors which can lead to a delayed diagnosis. Among these are understaffed or overworked medical facilities – often emergency rooms; a failure to consult with a physician from another specialty; a hurried or incomplete interpretation of an x-ray or lab study, and so forth.

None of these failings provide a legitimate reason for careless diagnosis or treatment, and providers who can not meet their duty to conform to the standards of their training and profession are responsible for any consequences of their failure to do so.

Any disease, illness, or injury can be overlooked or wrongly diagnosed, but some medical conditions are more often the subject of medical malpractice lawsuits than others. This is mainly because the consequences of these errors in diagnosis disorders in time can be more severe than failure to treat other problems. Among those conditions whose careless delay in diagnosis can result in the most serious consequences are cancer, vascular disorders, mental illness, and fetal distress.

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