Improper Treatment

Many patients find it difficult to question their doctors’ judgment. After all, medical professionals have completed years of education and training. Patients rely upon that training when they put their health and  lives in their doctor’s hands. But doctors, and hospitals, like everyone else, can make mistakes, and sometimes do make mistakes. Those mistakes can include improper treatment.

Clients often ask us how improper treatment is different from other forms of medical malpractice such as delayed diagnosis or the wrong diagnosis. Improper treatment means that while a doctor has correctly and timely diagnosed his or her  patient, he or she may make undertake the wrong treatment.

Types of improper treatment include:

  • Giving the wrong dose of a drug
  • Prescribing a drug to which the patient has a known allergy
  • Delaying or rushing surgery
  • Failing to take necessary measures to prevent disease, such as administering antibiotics before surgery

The consequences of improper treatment can include pain, disability, high medical bills, and even death.

If you believe that you or a loved one, has been seriously injured by  a physician’s improper treatment, contact the Waggoner Law Firm today by calling (843) 972-0426.  We will help you gather the information, and conduct the research to advise you whether malpractice has occurred, and by whom. And if there has been malpractice, we will pursue your claim and pursue the remedies which the law allows for you and your family. 

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