Informed Consent

When a patient experiences a medical illness or injury, he is often overwhelmed with the information their doctor gives them. When deciding whether a particular course of medical treatment is in your best interest, you rely upon information given to you by your doctor to help you make the correct decision. It is very important that a doctor include information such as the nature of the treatment, the risks and benefits, and alternatives to treatment. Sometimes physicians speak to their patients as they might to other medical professionals. However, it the doctor’s responsibility to communicate all of the necessary information to her patients in a way that he or she reasonably understands.

That information allows you to offer what is known as “informed consent”. A healthcare professional must have the “informed consent” of his patient before any procedure or invasive  invasive medical treatment. The only exception to this rule is when a patient requires emergency life-saving treatment and they are incapable of providing informed consent due to their illness or injury, and their doctor must act to save their life.

Informed consent is a difficult issue for patients and their attorneys because the elements of the case depend heavily upon facts that may not be accurately or completely  documented in a patient’s medical record.

If you think you may have undergone a medical procedure which you would have refused if you had fully understood it or the risks involved with it, or the alternatives to it, the lawyers at the Waggoner Law Firm can help you to determine whether you may have a case. Contact us today at (843) 972-0426.

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