Privacy Policy of The Waggoner Law Firm

The Waggoner Law Firm does not currently collect personal identifying information, except to the extent that such information is provided by you through your communication with the web site via e-mail, or to the extent that your computer’s IP address might be included in your response.

Notwithstanding the source of information noted above,The Waggoner Law Firm will use that and any other information only for the specific purpose indicated by your communication to us. However, information provided through the communication of web site readers may be used in an aggregated form to gauge the usefulness and/or popularity of its several web pages or links to or from our site.

“Cookies” are small files on the client side which are generated by the server to which you connect when communicating with this web site. This site, like all other sites to which you connect, will generate a cookie which is stored on your hard drive. This process facilitates your connection to the web site if you should decide to visit it again. The Waggoner Law Firm currently employs cookies on its web site; however it reserves the right to discontinue such use in the future, and will provide notice of such discontinuance through the posting of a revised Privacy Statement at this location.

If you have questions about our privacy practices or about information that you may have previously submitted to us, please contact us via phone or e-mail.