Verdicts & Settlements

If you ask our clients, and the lawyers who send us cases, you will hear that we thrive on challenge. And while every case is different, and past outcomes don’t guarantee future results, the following list should convince you of the wide variety of cases we take:

$1,000,000 & UP:

  • $1.5 Million verdict for woman injured by drunk driver
  • $1.2 Million verdict for woman falsely accused of shoplifting
  • $1.1 Million settlement for family of man who died after discharge from Emergency room
  • $1.08 Million settlement for young man paralyzed in an accident in which he was a passenger in a car driven by a man over-served at a strip club
  • $1 Million settlement following gastric by-pass complication

OVER $500,000:

  • $600,000 verdict for woman kidnapped from K-Mart parking lot

OVER $100,000:

  • $325,000 settlement for woman injured by defective hip implant
  • $152,000 verdict against the United States for injuries caused by Swine Flu vaccine
  • $150,000 settlement for woman attacked by employee in florist shop
  • $125,000 settlement for family of woman who fell after treatment at a dialysis center
  • $100,000 judgment for victim of dog bite
  • Maximum recovery in a workers’ compensation claim for a young man run over by a work vehicle

Substantial Confidential Settlements include:

  • Insurance company for failure to pay life insurance policy
  • Wrongful death after misdiagnosis of an abdominal aortic aneurysm at upstate emergency room
  • Perforation of colon during colonscopy resulting in abdominal abscess and sepsis
  • Blindness caused by over-dose of Tuberculosis medication
  • Defamation and malicious prosecution of employee of local fresh foods market
  • Improper intubation of patient resulting in brain damage at local hospital
  • Child with brain injury resulting from improper medical care
  • Victim of fatal anesthesia error
  • Adverse reaction to childhood vaccine administration
  • Brain injury after pharmacy error
  • Death caused by surgical error at government hospital
  • Assault of customer by store employee
  • Defamation of a woman who blew the whistle on a child molester
  • Mishandling of human remains
  • Exploding champagne bottle
  • Failure by physician to find pencil in child’s knee
  • Sexual misconduct by psychotherapist
  • Death at home after discharge from emergency room
  • Child sexual abuse victim
  • Facial lacerations caused by doctor’s scissors during child birth
  • Defamation suit against pornography publisher
  • Near amputation caused by negligently loaded tractor trailer
  • Allergic reaction at daycare
  • Sexual harassment in the work place

Other Settlements:

Other verdicts and settlements have been obtained on behalf of clients suffering injury or death arising out of serious automobile collisions, dangerous road construction practices, faulty automatic doors, food poisoning, defamation of character, and numerous other acts involving careless or deliberate wrongdoing.